Other Construction Advice & Representation

Clients often find themselves trying to determine the best course of action to take when confronted with a dispute during a construction project.  Our goal is to prevent the dispute from developing into a claim or litigation. We assess the situation, discuss alternatives with the client and develop a strategy for addressing the problem in a manner that is right for the project and that minimizes future exposure to the client.

Construction professionals are often asked to assist, testify or produce documents or information in legal proceedings involving other parties. These requests come in many different forms, including a request for the production of the design professional’s project files, a request to provide expert opinion with respect to issues that arose on a project, a subpoena to testify at a deposition, trial or arbitration or a number of other requests. Through pre-claim assistance programs offered by many professional liability carriers and through its relationships with the design professionals, we assist our clients in properly handling the situation. We aid the client in understanding and fulfilling any legal requirements placed upon the design professional, while providing the legal support to protect them from unnecessarily becoming involved in legal matters.