Kristin N. Derenge


Kristin Derenge joined Boyce Law Firm in 2022 after gaining several years of experience in South Dakota’s state and federal courts. Following law school, she spent one year clerking for the South Dakota Supreme Court, where she assisted the Court in preparing legal opinions for a wide range of civil and criminal cases. Subsequently, she clerked for one year in the Federal District Court of South Dakota, where she continued to assist the Court in preparing legal opinions for various civil and criminal cases throughout different stages of litigation.

Kristin takes great pride in her work, drawing on her extensive experience working with South Dakota state and federal judges to inform her litigation practice. Her primary objective is to provide exceptional legal services while delivering exceptional value to her clients.


Born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Kristin Derenge hails from a large family. During her upbringing, her aspirations leaned toward becoming a criminologist, with thoughts of pursuing a career in public policy research and criminal justice reform. To facilitate her journey toward this goal, she earned both BA and MS degrees in criminology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Following her college years, Kristin pursued her interest in research and public service by working as a Research Analyst at the Nebraska Department of Labor. Subsequently, she made the decision to return to Sioux Falls and obtained a position as a Financial Crimes Analyst at MetaBank. Kristin’s responsibilities at MetaBank included investigating money laundering, tax fraud, elder financial abuse, and various other financial crimes, reporting these offenses to the federal government. Her exposure to complex federal laws and regulations within the banking industry piqued her interest in the law and ultimately led her to pursue a legal education.

Now, as an attorney, Kristin is an active member of the South Dakota Chapter of Women in Law. She is passionate about encouraging young women to explore opportunities within the legal field, helping them find fulfillment and success in their careers within the justice system.