The attorneys at the Boyce Law Firm have briefed and argued hundreds of appeals before the South Dakota Supreme Court and Eighth Circuit.  We understand that appellate advocacy requires a different perspective than litigation before the circuit or district courts, and that seeing an appeal through to its end is both complex and time-intensive.  Our aim is to help you and your client not only navigate the appellate process but also use our knowledge and experience to maximize the chances for a favorable outcome.

We are here to help at any stage.  In some cases, our work begins before the case is appealed by assisting with the preparation of dispositive motions before the circuit or district court, handling post-verdict or post-decisions motions practice, or otherwise taking necessary actions to preserve error for appellate review.  In other cases, we are engaged to assist with the decision whether to appeal or to research possible grounds for appeal.  And, of course, we will draft petitions for intermediate appeal, briefs, or motions before the South Dakota Supreme Court or assist with  preparation for oral argument.

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