Construction Professional Malpractice Litigation

We specialize in handling the defense of malpractice claims against construction professionals.  We have represented architects, engineers, registered land surveyors, interior designers, program managers and other construction industry professionals, through malpractice claims of virtually every size and type.  We have handled hundreds of malpractice claims through mediation, arbitration, trial and appeal in courts in various parts of the country.  We have handled claims involving personal injury, wrongful death, property damage, delays and other economic losses and other types of damage, as well as claims for breach of contract, negligent design, construction administration or other services, negligent misrepresentation, intellectual property rights and claims for non-monetary or equitable relief.  This experience provides us with the ability to know how to handle the malpractice claim throughout the litigation process and the expertise to get the right result.

We also offer what we believe to be a full array of services to our construction professional clients, including education and risk management, representation through contract and document drafting and negotiation, representation in licensing matters and other advice and representation not necessarily involving claims.  Our full service representation helps us to understand the world of the construction professional, the construction process and to put that understanding to work in handling the malpractice claim.