Boyce Attorneys Tobin and Joyce Successfully Defend Engineers Before the South Dakota Supreme Court

October 28, 2015 • Boyce Law Firm, LLP

On October 28, 2015, Attorneys Michael Tobin and Meghann Joyce prevailed in an appeal before the South Dakota Supreme Court.

Aggregate Construction, Inc. initially brought a lawsuit against the South Dakota Department of Transportation relating to a South Dakota road construction project. Aggregate Construction, Inc. and the DOT settled their lawsuit, and, as part of that settlement, Aggregate Construction, Inc. signed a broad release of claims that it might have against others arising out of that project. Nonetheless, Aggregate Construction, Inc. later attempted to bring a lawsuit against engineers it had hired relating to that same road construction project. The engineers, represented by Attorneys Tobin and Joyce, moved for summary judgment on the basis of the release, and the trial court granted the motion. On appeal, the South Dakota Supreme Court affirmed the trial court’s decision in the engineer’s favor.